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Putting my people first constructs a less prolific creative life, and I'm good with that!

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

I'm loyal to people and causes but fickle regarding creative self-expression. Sometimes I wish I could hole up and do nothing but produce art; instead, I happily turn my attention to the people I love. When I do create, I play with new forms and mediums without regret. I write every day, but it's always different. I paint when I can.

You've never heard of me? It might be because I'm a continual beginner or a hack, but more likely, my joyful ability to set all of this aside when others need me - or for self-care - has given me a cloak of invisibility. I am a perpetual dabbler.

I live in Dallas, married to a beautiful guy, with two brilliant, grown daughters nearby and a ridiculous dog. I took a break from working a year ago, setting aside a rewarding career in non-profit fundraising to know myself better and reconnect with my family. Thanks to my work, I maintain a heart for charities and those they serve.

Regardless of what others think, I see aging as a gorgeous, mystical gift and my fifties are my favorite decade so far.

I know this sounds like a slice of heaven, but trauma and loss are no strangers to me, and because of this, I embrace mental healthcare and personal growth.

You will find my artwork, writing, services, and explorations on this site. My motto changes often, but I think Ani DeFranco speaks well when she says, "If you're not getting happy as you're getting older, then you're fuckin' up!"

With warm gratitude,


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