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Putting my people first constructs a less prolific creative life. However, this is magic for me. It makes writing and making things deeper, more passionate, full of meaning.

I'm loyal to people and causes but I'm fickle when it comes to self-expression. I play with new forms and mediums without regret. You've never heard of me? It might be because I'm a hack but more likely, it's because I joyfully set all of this aside when needed by others, or for my own self-care. This may make me a perpetual beginner, but I'll take it .. and run with it!

I'm happily married to a beautiful guy and we have two brilliant daughters, 24 and 18. I left a career in non-profit fundraising last year and maintain a heart for charities and those they serve. I see aging as a gorgeous, mystical gift. I've known trauma and loss. I embrace mental healthcare and personal growth. For those like me who study personality, I am an INFJ/ENFJ (more "I" than "E") and a Type 9 on the Enneagram. I consider myself a Christian but I'm probably more of a Humanist. I look to the real Jesus for how to live, but I am just as comfortable looking to the truth and love in other faiths and belief systems.

I am ...

a practitioner of the Golden Rule,

progressive to my core,

an ally to all genders and identities,

a believer that black lives matter,

utterly disgusted with where we are regarding women's rights,

sick of the lack of equality in this country,

not loving being a Texan these days,

gathering steam.

I am immeasurably thankful for every life lesson and for the privilege of time and energy for creative expression. On this site, you will find my artwork, writing, and explorations. My personal motto changes often but I think Ani DeFranco speaks well when she says, "If you're not getting happy as you're getting older, then you're fuckin' up!"

With warm gratitude,


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