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Kill your darlings ...

William Faulkner was not the first one to say, "In writing you must kill all your darlings." Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch also expressed to fellow writers that they should, "Murder their darlings." All this means is... when you create - embrace revision.

As far as taking down my "darlings" on this site, it was just time.

I will never not consider myself an "artist." And I will continue to dabble when I can; it's fun! However, I want to concentrate this site on the work I am doing to help others - both at Juliette Fowler Communities and elsewhere. My art, while part of helping, doesn't need a spotlight.

This has to do with callings. We all have a purpose. We all have a role we've been carefully crafted for. There was a time I tried to outrun the role of "helper." But God doesn't give up; and He didn't give up on "helping" me to own my role. I know I can't make a difference everywhere. But I know in my soul that I am here to help who I can. My friend Kristin Kaufman speaks well and eloquently of alignment, and this, my dears, is where I am today. In alignment with my terrifying - yet beautifully rewarding - calling.

Doing away with a few "darlings" on my website is only one step toward the things I really want to see. I want to see older adults (of which I am rapidly one!) receive the reverence they deserve. I want to see caregivers get the support and connection they need. I want to see my fellow humans traverse the options and opportunities of aging with success. If I can give some peace, insight, and humor to the wisdom years, I'll be happy. Visitors to this website don't need my past creations distracting them from getting the help they are looking for. Could it be I am learning to EDIT? You will still see art on my site, but it most often won't be my work.

Rather than showing you my past creative pursuits, what I really want you to know is this: if you find yourself where I am - experiencing all of the fun changes of the forties and fifties, caregiving or supporting caregivers, feeling concern about parents, trying to find answers when it comes to aging - let's figure things out together. I am here to help. I do not know all of the answers, but thanks to my work, I usually know where we can find the path that will lead us to them!

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