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My Manners Could Use Some Work

I pride myself on having decent etiquette, but my manners are flawed. For example, I wrote timely thank you notes to clients and colleagues when I was working. However, in my personal life, when people touch my heart with generosity, it takes me forever to express my gratitude. Sometimes, I procrastinate so much; I don't even write notes. I'm not too fond of this about myself. Their thoughtfulness so touches me; I fear I'll fail to convey how special they made me feel. So I get in my own way, resulting in terrible manners, which probably makes me look like a jerk.

Etiquette in American society is complex, and the pandemic hasn't helped. What happens to unspoken societal rules for treating one another when we disagree on the smallest things, like getting a vaccine or wearing a mask when someone nearby might be vulnerable? And don't get me started on social media. Guideposts for kindness are more complex and harder to find.

I don't know about you, and I know I sound like a judgemental prig, but I see a torrent of bad manners all around us right now. I can write an inconsequential blog post, but I can really only DO something about my people. There are four of us in this family, five when you count the dog, and we all make mistakes. When I catch rudeness within our household, I speak up (I get a lot of practice with the dog). My daughters and husband do the same for me, and I honestly need it.

Manners are an outward expression of kindness, mercy, and respect for others. Of course, our words and actions have power. But, manners do more than care for others. They tell those around us who we are. Who do you want to be? How do you want to be seen? Oops! Caught myself! It's better manners to stay in my lane and clean up my side of the street.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and others. Please share if you find anything helpful,


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