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sunday suggestions

Four sources of inspiration for today, Palm Sunday, 2022.


My daughter and I watched the film CODA last night, and I can't stop thinking about its beauty. While I feel we are lucky regarding the amount of original content these days, it feels rare to receive such an inspired and meaningful message rather than an escape. Please go watch! And, have tissues nearby.


I am so thankful for Elise Loehnen's podcast, "Pulling the Thread." There is so much depth in her approach to interviewing, and her subjects are always profoundly interesting. You will love Elise's podcast if you are in a place of growth - and honestly, who isn't?


Also, thanks to Elise, I am reading Martha Beck's most recent book, "The Way of Integrity." Don't let the title fool you. This book has nothing to do with the moral overtones one might assume when hearing the word "integrity." Instead, this is about bringing your life into congruity. It makes effortless sense, and it rings true with Martha's singular voice. There are so many "aha" moments combined with her whimsical sense of humor about all of us as humans.


Every week I get an email from Maria Shriver. Well, not directly from her to me alone, but her warmth makes it feel like it is. As a journalist, she always acknowledges what is happening in the world. She then balances this with a spiritual message. Her email includes her "I've been thinking." letter and links you to the Sunday Paper, where you can read "News Above the Noise." As a person who is feeling a bit lost spiritually, I so appreciate Maria's deep faith combined with her gift as a truth seeker and sharer.

Very best wishes to Christians celebrating Palm Sunday today, and wishes of peace and joy to all who await other meaningful days of note.



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