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Women in mid-life and beyond have amazing advantages today. We are MANY things 'by the decade' ...smarter, stronger, wiser, funnier, chicer, cooler, sexier, more spirited... the possibilities are endless. We can try new things until our last breath. We can wear any style of clothing or hair we wish. We can listen to, read, or watch anything that appeals to us. We can embrace technology or not, be any size and look great, change our faces and bodies or not. We get to love WHOM WE WANT TO. We are the boss of OURSELVES, at any age, but especially as aging women.

On this site, we'll explore:

- What it means for women to age today.

- How to embrace advancing years with courage and skill, for ourselves and loved ones.

- Style and beauty we can apply now and take with us along the way.

- Lifestyle inspiration for all generations.

- Mental, emotional, and physical health encouragement.

- Spiritual, creative, and educational practices.

- Guidance, advice, and ideas from wise women of all walks. 


About me:

I'm 54 years old, I'm happily married to a beautiful guy, and we have two terrific daughters, 23 and 17. I recently left a career in non-profit fundraising. I enjoy reading and writing, and I dabble as a painter. I have known pain and loss and believe each day is a gift. I am immeasurably thankful for my life and for everyone in it. 


Getting older...

I know a few things about aging women because I am one. I am proud to be in the middle years but like many women, I have a few unwanted hang-ups about getting older that I am ready to release. I struggle casting myself as an expert, but I am great at asking questions and sharing what I learn. Additionally, I'm fortunate to have wise, knowledgeable friends, and I look forward to sharing them with you. 


THANK YOU for visiting BY THE DECADE. Pardon my French, but as Ani DeFranco says, "If you're not getting happy as you're getting older, then you're fuckin' up!" I look forward to knowing you better!

With warm gratitude,



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